The Branding Process 

Whether a new or existing business we can provide you the opportunity to make sure your branding is on point, representing you and your values. For a relatively small investment a new, well thought out visual identity could totally raise your business’ game, making an impact with your customers and building their trust in you whilst elevating you above your competitors. Here’s our simple process to get your visual identity to where you want it to be:

1. Consultation

Either in person or remotely, we’ll kick things off by talking through your requirements – whether a completely new business or a refresh of your existing brand, through a brief bit of Q&A we’ll quickly get a handle on you and your businesses values and propose a plan of action.

2. A plan comes together

If you’re under 35 you may not remember or have heard of the A-Team, but that doesn’t matter, point is, they just used to make great plans – and so do we. At this point we’ll review all the learnings taken away from our consultation and provide a summary of the brief and a proposal, providing a suggested plan of action with timelines and costs. 

3. Discovery

The creative work commences! This is where the references will be gathered and moodboards will then be crafted and presented to give you options on the look and feel – moodboards are great to help join the dots and give a clear visual direction for the project – once approved, we know we’re on the same page!

4. Creation

Taking guidance from the approved moodboard – we’ll now create your bespoke branding – starting with the logo and a suggested colour palette – several options will be created initially and then through feedback and close collaboration we’ll arrive at a shiny new final design that you’ll love and be eager to share with the world!

5. Launch

You’ll receive all the agreed branding elements in a range of file formats suitable for digital and print scenarios. Templates for any initial marketing material (social media post templates / business cards etc.) will also be produced and provided to allow you to launch with a bang! A full brand guidlines document will also be created for you and your team to give you guidance on how to get the most out of the brand whilst keeping it consistent in all areas of the business.


Don’t be a stranger! We’ll be as excited as you following your new brandings roll-out to the world and will be on hand to help with any design queries. If you wanted to commission us with any follow on work if the requirement arose we’d be more than happy to help and provide a quote. Having worked with you to create the brand we’ll be best placed to create more fantastic, on-brand and visually stunning material.

Cost and Timings 

Following an initial consultation we can provide an accurate quote for work – with this kind of project we’ve found there isn’t a ‘one size fits all package’, some clients may want a more involved process others may not, some may have a hard deadline for it to be completed by, others may have less urgency – please do get in touch for a free 30 minute consultation and we can form a bespoke plan that suits you and your budget! Please note that there is an  minimum of 6 weeks required for the process to be completed.