Quartix Ltd

Existing Business Print & Digital Design
Global Vehicle Tracking Tech Company 


Print design for marketing collateral and events.

Digital design – online brochures, website assets, social media adverts – static and animated

“Darren very quickly picked up our brand and has produced a fantastic collection of designs for us including digital, print and animation – always bringing our ideas to life and offering some great suggestions of his own too. He is dependable, responsive and has a really positive approach, happily accommodating requests and acting as part of the team. A huge thank you, Darren!”

Claire Pope

Content Lead, Quartix Ltd

Quartix are a leading figure in the vehicle tracking industry, with HQs in Europe and North America. We work with Quartix to create visuals for marketing campaigns and many different supporting assets – from large format event stands to animated social media posts. The 30-Day free trail campaign was very successful in bringing in new clients to Quartix in the UK, France and the US where it was promoted..